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​Dr. Tooley's New Client Form
(Please print out and bring completed form with you to your first appointment.)

New Client Info

Welcome to the Tooley Group! 

I look forward to our work together as a time of learning and positive growth for you and your family. 

Once we agree to work together in psychotherapy, I am available 24 hours a day.  I am available to conduct therapy sessions by Zoom depending on your circumstances.  To reach me, call  919-656-0950; please leave a voice message if I do not answer and I will respond as soon as possible.

For your first visit, please print the New Client Form from the link below and bring your completed form with you.

Sessions and Fees

Therapy sessions will typically last fifty minutes.  Since the problems that brought you to therapy are unique and every session has its own pace, some sessions may be longer or shorter than others.  The goal is to complete the therapy work, not fill a fifty-minute hour.

I appreciate you being on time for your therapy session or notifying me by text or telephone call at 919-656-0950 if you will be late for that session. I request 24 hours’ notice if you cannot make an appointment you have scheduled. If you miss two consecutive sessions without notifying me, I will wait to schedule another appointment until we have talked.

​All services, including individual, marital and family therapy and school consultations are $170.00 per session.  Fees are payable in full each session and may be paid by check (payable to the “Tooley Group”), American Express, MasterCard, Visa, or cash. Irrespective of insurance, you are financially responsible for services rendered. 

​I am an out-of-network provider with all commercial insurance companies. You remain responsible for payment of all fees whether reimbursement is made or denied by your insurance carrier or PPO. I will file a claim with your insurance company as a courtesy. Since I cannot say how much it will reimburse you, I suggest you contact your insurance company to determine your coverage.  

Joe Tooley, PhD Psychologist

Phone:  919-656-0950
Fax:  984-200-9817